Manage Customer Relationships

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) features of Bluesoft CIS improve customer service and help to establish high-quality customer relationships. Need to know what is happening when, who’s doing what and why?

CRM means managing the business

Quick and simple to use, as well as accurately recording the day to day activities of the business and making the information available to all, CIS helps you manage projects, run successful seminars, stay on top of business opportunities plus manage and monitor your marketing.

Customer Relationship Management improves customer service

Improve customer service with prompt accurate answers to questions, easily communicate up-to-date information both internally and external to the business. Increase your reliability, your levels of business and ultimately your profitability.

Using the internet for CRM

With the Internet extension you can access your up-to-date information wherever you are at home or abroad.

Customer Relationship Management in practice

Activity logging records interactions with clients as they occur. Any member of staff can view details of the Activity. Lack of accessible information will no longer frustrate customers or staff.

Because CIS is such a convenient desktop application, recording notes on activities is as easy as recording them on paper. But notes made in CIS are available to everybody in the organization. Customers no longer wait while desks are searched for an elusive note on last week's telephone call: the information waits for you!

CIS also incorporates modules to manage a customer relationship in terms of types of different project: opportunity tracking, job handling and seminar organization exist already. Bluesoft can also create new modules to fit the needs of your business.

Customer Relationship Management with CIS
What is Customer Relationship Management?

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