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  Bluesoft: the Interface of Change

Welcome to Bluesoft!

Bluesoft provides the tools and services that you need to exploit Information Technology and the Internet.

Among the many tools and services we offer are:

Website design and overhauling.
Company-wide information management software.
IT and Internet training for all levels of expertise.
Custom-written software for Internet, intranet, client/server and desktop use.
IT Strategy consulting.

Bluesoft has been established for over 20 years. This time has seen vast changes in technology, but Bluesoft's understanding of business needs has ensured the enduring success of our systems.

[Oracle Alliance Partner] [Business Link Select Assured] [Worldpay Affiliate Partner] [Coventry and Warwickshire Chamber Member]

Winner of the 2006 IM Awards

  • European Awards: CRM Winner
  • European Awards: GIS Winner

The British Computer Society awards are the premier European recognition of excellence and innovation.
They showcase organisations who have demonstrated the vision and business skills to implement highly successful projects utilising leading-edge IT and business technologies.


Property Searches:

Official Searches Online

Quickly and easily order official searches for any Local Authority in England and Wales.
No more filling out the LLC1 and CON29R forms, writing cheques to each council etc.

your own hub

Efficiently operate your own hub to order and fulfill official searches.
Easy to use, automated, scalable and integrated.

50% EU Funding

The EU may fund up to 50% of the cost of IT projects in small-medium enterprises. Only selected suppliers qualify for funding ... and Bluesoft is one of the chosen few! From a simple website, to a brand new Internet venture, to company information management, your company can reap the benefits of the Information Revolution - at half the cost. Learn more...

FAQ: "Do I really need to change?"

Yes! More than ever, IT affects business at all levels. Even low-tech industries require an understanding of the issues involved before they can compete in the new, hi-tech business world.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution. Simply establishing a company website or having a computer on the desk is not enough. Each must respond to the opportunities and challenges posed in a unique way.

Bluesoft will ensure that you use IT and the Internet in the best way for your company, laying a solid foundation that will secure your company's strategy well into the future.

Hot Tip 50

Hit counters on web sites look stupid, and can slow down a page download time considerably. And those of you who think you can fool visitors by starting your counter at 5000 are mistaken!!!

Hot Site 50

Just about every new computer now comes with a built-in 3D graphics card, such as VooDoo, or RivaTNT. For a wealth of games and screensavers that take advantage of this technology, have a look at www.3dfxmania.com. This site has game demos, patches, screen saver and chat rooms.

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