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CIS Contact Request Form

Thank you for your interest in purchasing a Client Information System from Bluesoft. Please fill out as much as you can on the form below, and one of our consultants will contact you as soon as possible with suggestions for further action.

This places you under no obligation to carry enquiries any further than you wish.

All information provided is subject to the Bluesoft Privacy Policy

About you

First name:

Please enter your first name and last name, and your preferred title if you wish.

Last name:


About your organisation

Company name:

Please enter your organisation's name, and select the closest match to your company's line of business.

Line of Business:

About the requirement

The CIS must provide:

Company wide data sharing
Mailshot support
Telephony integration
New business tracking
Pipeline management
Timekeeping and invoicing

Please help us by telling us some of your requirements from CIS, and when you expect to be ready to order.

Preferred Database Backend

If there is a particular database engine you wish to use for your Client Information System, select it here.

Number of Users

Enter (1) the approximate number of people who will have CIS programs installed on the machine, (2) those who will use CIS often through Web browser based modules, and (3) "light" users who will require a specific subset of functions.

Further Details

Please enter any details that will help us understand your needs: e.g. special business processes, integration with other systems, non-standard uses of client-information.

Expected time of purchase:

In 3 Months
In 6 Months
Next Year

Database backend:

MS Access
No preference

Number of Users

Networked Users:

Laptop Users:

Further details:

Contact details


Please enter your email address and Country, as well as details for any other contact method you would like us to use.

Please note that time-zone differences may mean that it is not possible to honour telephoning as the preferred method.




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