Goldmine vs. CIS

Are you frustrated with Goldmine? A tailored version of CIS could fit your business needs perfectly.

Goldmine is a popular off-the-shelf contact management package. Goldmine is targeted at the mass-market, and assumes that everybody has similar contact management needs. It is a one-size-fits-all solution. So for a database that is designed to fit the way they work, it's no wonder users turn to CIS.

In order to almost satisfy a wide range of users, Goldmine must be loaded with many features. This leads to many fascinating possibilities. But are they necessary to your business? Do they clutter computer screens and the minds of novice users?

Choosing Goldmine could leave you with a system that makes the things you want to do impossible or time consuming, and bombards you with options that you may never use.

CIS’s design makes it ideal for customising to suit the needs of specific businesses. By purchasing a tailored package, you can be sure that the features you need will be streamlined to your specific business processes, and that users will not be confused with needless features intended for other people. Bluesoft’s aim is to produce a CIS version that fits your company’s needs perfectly.

Goldmine databases vs. CIS's rich data handling.

Goldmine has been based on a flat file database. To represent the complex relationships between the different items in your database you need CIS. With CIS, contacts, addresses and companies are stored as separate but related items. So if a business changes its address, all the contacts at that address will be on record as working at the new address. If a contact switches between branches, or even to a new company, then this will not required data re-entry or workarounds.

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