Purchasing CIS

Company Wide Solution

Because of CIS's customisable nature, purchasing a company wide package involves telling Bluesoft your functional requirements, timeframe and budget. We can then propose a solution that suits your company's needs. You may find that CIS will suit your needs with no customisation, or it may prove worthwhile to add major new functions.

To help you to tell us about your requirement, please use the CIS Information Form that will enable you to easily give the information that we most need to know. If you wish, you can also contact Bluesoft by fax, telephone, email or post.

If your Company is located in the UK then you may cover for Business Link and European funding of up to 50%! Contact Bluesoft to learn more about this possibility.

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Personal Solution

If you require a personal productivity single-user system, then CIS Single User is ideal. You can purchase CIS Single User online with your credit card, and then download it straight away. The package includes documentation, sample Word templates, and a ready-to-go database including often used Company Types, Regions and Activity Types.

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