Contact Management

Contact Management features in CIS encourage company wide sharing of accurate, up to date information on your contacts. Individuals, Addresses and Companies are stored in CIS as separate, linked objects. So if a Company changes address, changing the details for the one contact will automatically change the address for other contacts that shared his/her location. When a single Contact moves to a new Address then you can move that Contact to the new location, without affecting other Contacts at the previous address. Many contact managers do not support these actions.

Once in the database, Contacts are easy to find. You can find Contacts by name or company, or by following links from an Activity that involved them.

These features help to preserve data consistency across your entire database: the database remains convenient for users, and provides maximum benefit to your clients who you can always reach easily. CIS provides automated features to help you work with Contacts. Users can create personalised letters or faxes in MS Word at the click of a button. CIS uses templates that make it easy to create standard letters, or customise the appearance of documents to suit the look of your company. CIS can dial a Contact's telephone number automatically. It can even create emails in your favourite email client, using a template to create personalised standard emails. CIS encourages all these activities to be logged to help with Client Relationship Management.

It is easy to create groups of contacts, and CIS will let you produce documents and emails for groups as easily as for one person.

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