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Bluesoft Web Services

There are many ways that your company could exploit the Web to gain a real business advantage. The exact possibilities will of course vary from one company to another, but most sites attempt to cover one or more of the following:

Increasing the company's visibility; raising awareness of the company's existence and function.
Indicating credibility to prospects, providing additional and up to date information about the company.
Giving clients useful services that increase customer satisfaction, or reduce the amount of direct and unprofitable customer-contact.
Selling products online via e-commerce.
Providing a website that is a service in itself, funded by charging users, by selling advertising, or by a stakeholding organisation.

Bluesoft has produced websites covering each of these areas. We particularly specialise in more complex websites, shown as the last three on this list, that combine website design with complex computer programming and database production. Our sites are easy to maintain, attractive, and fun to use.

Many web designers put together a cheap website and then leave you to ponder whether it will be any use. Bluesoft works with you at the design stage, and after the site goes live we monitor your site's search engine rankings and examine logs that show how people use your site. Bluesoft can also train you to become self sufficient, carrying out your own monitoring and modifications.

Balancing form and function on a website is a delicate matter. Many web sites have become "form driven", and little more than a showcase for the designer's artistic and multimedia talent. Bluesoft's approach emphasises the functional aspects of site design such as relevant, effectively presented content and clear, easy to use navigation.

To find out ways that Bluesoft can help your company harness the power of the Web, please contact us by phoning +44 (0)24 7653 7029 or emailing websites@bluesoft.co.uk. Alternatively, explore some of our recent websites.

In Brief

Bluesoft designs websites for a wide variety of needs, from the simple corporate presence to the full online service.

The Bluesoft team has programming and database skills that lead them to specialise in larger scale websites such as e-commerce and online services.

Bluesoft provides valuable postproduction services that will help you get the maximum benefit from your website.

Bluesoft's sites are functional as well as attractive. They provide effective content and clear, easy to use navigation.

To find out more, contact Bluesoft or explore some of the sites that we have produced.