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Bluesoft Training

Bluesoft offers training and seminars on a variety of technical and non-technical IT and Internet subjects. Training can take place at your premises, so that you are learning in your own working environment, or at Bluesoft's offices.

Members of the Bluesoft team deliver training on behalf of QA, and welcome enquiries from other training course providers, as well as directly from customers.

Areas covered by our training include:


We can train on maintaining the security of your office microsoft network or Intranet, and on issues of Internet security. Topics include public-key encryption, password policies, security loopholes, etc.

Website work

Courses are available in website development and website maintenance. Topics covered include HTML, browser compatability, modifying a site without causing disruption, creating and compressing graphics. We also offer you guidance on graphic design and layout, navigation systems and appropriate content.


Bluesoft can offer training in HTML, ASP, JavaScript, Visual Basic, Visual Basic for Applications and User Interface design. We can cater for differing knowledge levels and course lengths.

For further information on any of these courses, or to enquire about other training requirements, please contact us.