CIS: Tailored to your Business Processes

With Bluesoft CIS, you can preserve your company's culture, terminology and outlook. Existing modules can be modified to fit with your way of doing business, and integrated with existing systems.

Almost all organisations have some non-standard data requirements. With CIS tailored to your company's needs you can store and manipulate any relevant data. Custom features are tightly integrated into the standard modules, leaving a complete, customised client database.

Off the shelf products are not flexible enough to cope with your line of business or your company's working methods. Fully bespoke systems drain resources with indefinite completion dates and no short-term benefits. The result is an untested system with little capacity for future growth.

CIS bridges the gap. It delivers a usable system straightaway, which is expanded to fit your business's needs on an ongoing basis. As your company expands, Bluesoft can further tailor CIS to fit your changing needs.