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Making Sense of the Available Options...

The computer industry has long been known for its rapid advances in technology. GUI, Client/Server and Internet Systems are no exception. New hardware, software packages and development tools are constantly being introduced to the market by manufacturers and suppliers - all with a vested interest.

It is our job to keep abreast of the new developments and we are more than able to position new products in the marketplace. Combine this knowledge with our hands- on experience and we are ideally placed to provide seminars on the use of development tools and software packages and on the design issues involved in a User Interface, Client/Server and Internet Project.

An Independent Assessment...

As an independent consultancy, we are under no obligation to present any particular manufacturers or suppliers outlook therefore these seminars are purposely designed to explain the technology as it progresses in an unbiased, factual and informative way that assists you in making strategic planning decisions.


Current Seminars & Workshops

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