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Hacking Exposed

There are dozens of books detailing the careers of malicious hackers and plenty more on security techniques. What makes Hacking Exposed different is that it combines the best of both worlds, giving you an insight into the techniques and mindset of crackers without glamorizing or mystifying what they get up to--and then telling you how to keep them out of your system by explaining exactly what they'll try to do to get in.

There are security options in every operating system and any competent sysadmin will know what they are and how to use them: you may even be able to keep up with all the service packs and patches that come out. What you probably don't know is all the potential holes in your security and the tools that will be used to try to get into your system. This book will scare you thoroughly by explaining each type of attack on your network. But it then tells you how to deal with the security hole of which each attack takes advantage. The explanations are clear and detailed and cover UNIX and Linux, Windows 95, 98 and NT (with an appendix on Windows 2000), Novell NetWare and common firewalls and mail servers too. The problem is always growing, but the coverage is reasonably up-to-date and points you at some useful resources, including the companion Web site at www.hackingexposed.com.

Source: Amazon