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  Bluesoft: Recruitment Seminar

The web and database solution for recruitment

Our market research points to one of the hottest topics in running a recruitment company as being the integration of the web site and the database. Both are clearly vital ingredients in a modern recruitment company, but quite a number of web sites have been developed independently of the database and vice versa. This is both inefficient and expensive as data entered in forms on web sites has to be re-keyed back in the office when it comes through as an email.

Consider an agency processing 500 CV's per month. Assuming it takes 20 minutes to process each CV, and assuming an hourly cost for processing the CVs at 8.50 per hour, this equates to an annual cost of 17,000. Just imagine if that figure could be reduced by 80%, that would save 13,600 per year. There will always be some cost associated with processing CV's but it need not be anywhere near as high as it currently costs many agencies.

Why not plug your own figures in to our simple ready reckoner to see how much it costs your company to process CV's?

How many CV's come in to your business on average per month?  
How many CV's can you process in an hour?  
What is the hourly cost of processing these CV's?


Total Cost per year

If that cost could be reduced by 80% you would save...


per year

"save money..."

The idea behind the Bluesoft approach is that if you get your candidates to do the work, instead of paid staff, you will save time and money. Furthermore, if the candidate's details are wrong then at least they will not be shouting at your staff.

"build relationships..."

Once the details are in the database they are there for your consultants to work with. When candidates return to the web site their details will be retrieved from the database, making it even easier for them to apply for further jobs. Begin to build a genuine rapport with clients and candidates.

"mission critical..."

Many recruitment companies regard their database as mission critical and rightly so. It was expensive to build, and it contains the memory of the company. It is still possible to gain the benefits outlined above without abandoning an existing database. Bluesoft can integrate existing databases with new or existing websites.

"control costs..."

It is likely that economic conditions will become more challenging. (A rising workload caused by more candidates chasing fewer jobs means company's will have to work smarter to survive). This may well give you the chance to control costs and make the most of the opportunities ahead.

"value added data..."

In addition to the database and web site integration, many recruitment companies could use PDF files as a inexpensive way of providing candidates with useful, value added information: "How to write CVs", "Preparing for interviews", "Body language", etc.

Why not be ahead of the competition? Relatively few recruitment companies are harnessing and exploiting this exciting technology.

Information, Productivity and the Internet

8:00am, 21st November, Birmingham Chamber


This seminar demonstrates the new developments which recruitment companies must be aware of with regard to the Internet and databases. Discover how integrating these two key components of your business can help improve productivity.

If you operate in the recruitment sector, your candidates and clients expect your website to load quickly, be professional and appealing, have current news and vacancies, but if that is not the case - or if you're not yet trading on the net - then this seminar will show you how.

Achieve a presence, which is ahead of the competition, is inviting, and could pay for itself quickly. Change content when you want, from anywhere, and often. Nurture your visitors so they keep returning. Track and process enquiries rapidly.

Establish a meaningful database on the website and then integrate it with the database in the office to improve communications, efficiency and profitability.

Everyone's needs are slightly different and there is no one size fits all solution. The purpose of the seminar is to provide an opportunity to see what is possible and how it could help your company keep abreast of your fellow recruitment companies.

"The Business Link..."

A point to keep in mind is that you're not alone. This seminar is hosted by the Birmingham Business Link. The Business Link is looking for firms like yours with less than 250 employees who need help and advice in developing your business.

"FREE consultancy..."

Lastly as one further incentive for the first 20 companies to book, we are offering half a days free consultancy worth 300, please bring your invitation along to be validated at the seminar.

The consultancy will be offered from a choice of: -

1. Web site statistics: how do yours measure up?

2. Search engines rankings: how do they work and what can you do to ensure you get the position you deserve?

3. Sales and Marketing Planning: do you have time to devote to these tasks which everyone agrees are critical but struggle to find time for?

4. Is your business customer focused? Is customer relationship management something which you practice or are you too busy to step back and examine your business? What should and could you being doing?

(Please note, if you prefer not to accept the free day consultancy there is no cash alternative.)

Call the booking hotline now on 024 7653 7029
or email us at SeminarBooking@bluesoft.co.uk