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LAPSO (Local Authority Property Searches Online)

Local authority official searches online, for every council in England and Wales.

The Business Issue
Need to order Official Searches electronically?
Not prepared to pay the large NLIS transaction and mapping fees?
Need to replace postal ordering of the local search with electronic?

Official Searches Online:

You can quickly and easily order local searches for any Local Authority in England and Wales. No more filling out the LLC1 and CON29R forms, writing cheques to each council etc.
Click this link and you will be taken to the login registration page.

The Solution
LAPSO (Local Authority and Property Searches Online) is a collaborative solution between Bluesoft and Local Authorities to provide cheaper, electronic Official Searches.
You can now order the official searches and ancillary searches such as environmental, coal, etc with ease, and reliability, without expensive transaction fees. Terms and conditions apply.
This solution provides you with Official Searches (local searches) for any Local Authority in England and Wales.
LAPSO uses its own Bluesoft/HUB and is therefore able to bypass other Hubs and Channels, delivering searches with lower transaction fees.

LAPSO (Local Authority Property Searches Online) is the online ordering portal specifically designed for Local Authorities to sell Official Searches.
You can order online:
• at anytime of the day or weekend and
• order searches of any type from anywhere in England and Wales.
Users include solicitors, conveyancers, personal search companies and personal search agents. LAPSO is the one-stop shop, providing you with the ease of use, convenience, and single point of ordering.

LAPSO is your one-stop shop for all property searches. It features the councils Official Searches and includes all the ancilliary searches such as Coal, Chancel Check, Drainage and Water, Flood and Environmental. All searches are automatically routed to Local Authorities or to the other report providers. The Bluesoft Hub is the alternative to the MDA/NLIS Hub.
No more filling out of the forms such as LLC1, CON29R, and CON29O. No more sending individual cheques to local authorities.
You save the cost of the cheques, and all the administration time of filling out forms, writing cheques, sending letters etc.
Instead of expensive mapping fees, simply upload the map of the property boundaries, when placing the order.

List of searches:

  • Local Authority official searches
  • Residential and commercial official searches
  • Coal and Chancel Check
  • Drainage and Water
  • Groundsure Homebuyers, Homescreen, and Flood
  • Landmark Envirosearch, Homecheck, and Flood
  • DWs: Anglian Water (Geodesys), Northumbrian Water, Thames Water, Severn Trent Water, South West Water, Southern Water, Welsh Water, Wessex, United Utilities
  • HTML
About Bluesoft
Bluesoft is an independent software consultancy, established in 1990, whose products are used widely in this market. Around a million properties have been processed through the Bluesoft websites and databases. These solutions have won many awards, including Europe’s premier software awards. Bluesoft products have been chosen by the BCS (British Computer Society) as CRM Winner and GIS Winner. The British Computer Society awards are the premier European recognition of excellence and innovation.

Regional CPD Seminars
Bluesoft provides CPD seminars to groups of Local Authorities, solicitors, conveyancers, etc.

Online Ordering of Local Searches

  • Click this link and you will be taken to a registration page.
  • If you have already registered, then click the 'home' tab and then enter your login details.
  • If you haven't already registered, then enter your details.  You will automatically be taken to the login page. 

If you wish to contact us to discuss your requirements, please contact us.

We look forward to assisting you with the quick and reliable online ordering of all your property searches.

Prices and details of the official searches, by local authority:
(Index: click the first letter of the name of the local authority. eg. click C for Canterbury City Council)

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