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A New Project

A new System Development Project is a minefield of potential problems - particularly where the technology is new and requires specialised understanding. With any Client/Server, Intranet or Internet project, the eventual success depends mainly on the strength of the initial strategy.

Decisions, Decisions.... Which hardware, software or resources best suit your needs?

What impact will the new system have upon existing systems and resources and what are the cost implications?

The importance of these decisions cannot be overlooked, particularly when they involve a large Project.

Bluesoft's Consultants understand your problems and are able to analyse needs and work with you to develop a Strategy and Implementation Plan that takes these and the many other points into consideration.

Our hands-on experience of Client/Server, Intranet and Internet systems means we can give you valuable advice on the operating systems, networks, servers, development tools and databases.

Our aim is to help you plan a Client/Server, Intranet or Internet system that meets your needs and then to help you successfully implement that system.

Evaluating your Options

Choosing a development tool and environment that meets your needs is not only fraught with problems, it is also time consuming.

You never fully appreciate the strengths and weaknesses of individual packages until you have worked with them. Fortunately, our experience can help you make the right decisions. We have first hand experience of many of these packages and, because it's our business to do so, we make sure that we stay ahead of new product development within the industry.

We offer four methods of helping evaluate which development tools best suit your purpose:

   Bluesoft Overview Consultancy

An overview for senior management of the different development methods and issues, the development cycle and the available tools. Duration: Half to one day.

   Bluesoft Evaluation Methodology

This involves one of our designers working alongside your analysts to complete an evaluation matrix from which you can then select a tool. We assist you in short listing three or four tools and provide you with a method for evaluating them. Duration: Ten days.

   Bluesoft In-depth Evaluation

As above, but involves greater depth of assessment to reach a more detailed recommendation.

   Bluesoft Test Drive Centre

Bluesoft runs an independent Test Drive Centre for development tools. Our clients are given the opportunity to test the tools for themselves in an intensive series of residential modules. Sessions can be tailored to your requirements if needed.

Our independence, your benefit Being independent means that our consultants are able to provide you with a totally unbiased, objective evaluation. We'll analyse the strengths and weaknesses of the available options and their suitability to a given task. Armed with these evaluations, you will have a method for choosing the tools and packages that best suit the requirements of your project.

Proving the Concept Works
The projects that Bluesoft undertakes tend to be at the leading edge of technology. Yet no matter how thorough the project's strategic development, each concept is unique and some technological aspects will benefit from a proof of concept.

A proof of concept is essentially a feasibility study that demonstrates whether the overall technical requirements of the system can be achieved through the chosen path.

Based on the results of the proof of concept, the project can either proceed with confidence or Bluesoft will undertake any fine tuning required.

The People Factor...
One of the factors that contributes to the success of the project is the people who will ultimately use it.

Bluesoft is skilled in developing pilot projects that allow a prototype of the system to demonstrate its capabilities. The pilot will embody the technology and concepts of the main project and demonstrate the interfaces and design decisions being made.

The sooner such a pilot can start the sooner the organisation will embark upon the inevitable learning curve involved in projects of this nature.

Not only will the pilot project help lessen the anxieties that new technology can create, it will also demonstrate that the Bluesoft Consultants are more than capable of working productively alongside your own people.

Auditing a System
At any stage of a project's life cycle, Bluesoft can carry out an audit that reviews both design and implementation of a system.

The audit applies to both developing and existing systems and can be used to:

  • Identify efficiency problems.
  • Perform usability tests.
  • Review "look and feel" standards.
  • Review the quality of the design.
  • Identify the risks involved.
  • Review the 3GL/4GL codes that implement the design.
  • Review the use of development tools (strengths, weaknesses, alternatives)
  • Review application of the technology (networking and databases)
  • Identify maintenance requirements.