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Learning a New Culture

User Centred Systems are event and data driven rather than the traditional process driven systems that we are all familiar with.

We are working with a new design culture based on new methodologies.

The developer will need to take a quantum leap away from traditional programming language structures into a whole new world of objects, actions, multi-tasking and multiple instances of data.

This change of culture also means the user must acquire a new set of skills and learn to accept a new interface (windows, objects and browsers) with new hardware.

The new system needs to find a balance between gaining user acceptability and achieving the objectives of the project. But how...?

Better Communication, Better Performance

Bluesoft has the skills needed to perform this delicate balancing act. Our consultants are used to designing systems that combine the benefits of ergonomic acceptability with technical functionality.

We like to encourage user-centred design, with participation at all stages. This ensures better user acceptance of the final system and allows a satisfactory level of skills transfer between our consultants and your staff.

Industry Expertise

Bluesoft is fully conversant with the industry standards. We understand the underlying operating systems and their support for multitasking, dynamic linking, data exchange, memory management and file handling. We are also familiar with the major communication protocols (TCP/IP, APPC, 3270, 5250, Net BIOS) and LAN software.

In short, we have the capabilities to design a Client/Server, Intranet or Internet System that works for you and your staff.