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Conveyancing Department & Property Searches CPD:
Local Land Charges Searches 

The Business Issues
Why do some solicitors and conveyancers order only Official Searches? Why do some solicitors and conveyancers only order Personal Searches? And then there are those who seem to order a mixture of both.
What is the difference between the Official Search and the Personal Search? How do I know which one to order for a particular postcode in England and Wales, and how to order it? What role do NLIS and Land-Data play? Should there be large fees when ordering official searches online?
This CPD course helps anyone working in the conveyancing industry to explore these issues.

This CPD (Continuous Professional Development) Course is suitable for anyone working within the Conveyancing Industry. This includes Conveyancers, Solicitors, Managing Partners/Heads of Department, Office Managers and Fee Earners.

This CPD improves your understanding of the function of the Local Land Charges Search, the difference between the Official Search and the Personal Search, and the wide variety of ordering methods.

Course Content

CPD Courses may include the following topics:
  • Conveyancing Introduction
  • Local Authority search: Personal v. Official
  • How to source searches
  • Timescales for Delivery
  • Costs
  • Insurance and Liability
  • IT solutions to online ordering

2 hours CPD.
Prices exclude vat and accommodation.

Dates: 22nd March 2011, 11th May 2011,  5th July 2011,  14th September 2011,

To book:

Online Ordering of Local Searches

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About Bluesoft
Bluesoft is one of the UK’s award winning, independent online providers of property searches. Through extensive collaboration with Local Authorities and their Local Land Charges Sections, Bluesoft is uniquely qualified as the provider of this Local Land Charges CPD.

Established in 1990, Bluesoft products are used widely in this market. Around a million properties have been processed through the Bluesoft websites and databases. These solutions have won many awards, including Europe’s premier software awards. Bluesoft products have been chosen by the BCS (British Computer Society) as CRM Winner and GIS Winner. The British Computer Society awards are the premier European recognition of excellence and innovation.


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