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Build your own website in one day

  • Frustrated that you still haven’t got a live website?
  • Been trying to get a website together for a long time?
  • Been thinking of your website and even planning it –and now want to make it really happen?
  • Still using myname@btinternet.com, @gmail.com, hotmail.com etc for your business email?

The Solution
Attend one of our workshops and finish the day with a live website.
Our trainers have many years experience of putting together some of Europe’s top award winning websites. This valuable expertise can be focused on your project, getting your website up and running.
In six hours, this hands-on workshop will take you through all the steps to design, build and launch your ‘entry-level’ website.1
The number of attendees per workshop is three so that individual attention to each website is possible.

This workshops is relevant to clubs, small businesses (restaurants, hairdressers, child minders, garages, art and crafts), charities, hobbies, families and anybody who wants to finally get a website created.
It’s cost effective, you own it, and you can update it.

Workshop Content

  • Website Objectives
  • Choice of tools for website building
  • Page Content
  • Themes, styles
  • Typography, Writing the copy
  • Search engine considerations
  • Blogging
  • Hosting, domain names, email
  • Keeping your site current
  • Going live

At the conclusion

You will leave the workshop with the following:
  • Live website 2 , assuming you have hosting available, or
  • A website ready to go live when you have hosting.
  • Live website published on a Bluesoft subdomain, or on a domain name you own.
  • The instructions to modify/enhance the website.

Pre-requisites and assumptions

To attend this course, you should be computer literate.
Bring your own laptop: developing the website on your own laptop is encouraged but not essential. If it is not possible to quickly connect the laptop, then one of the course computers will be used.
No website building experience is necessary.
You should have a clear description of the overview and content of your website. The more content and photos you can bring, the more we can include during the workshop.
Some of your content and photos might not be used during the workshop but you could add it subsequently. Content should be on a CD, memory stick, or laptop.
To use any items on your website, you must own the copyright on them.
If possible, compress the photos before the workshop.
The workshop trainer will use best endeavours to assist in completing and launching your website and you should complete it. We can not however guarantee this since every delegate has different requirements, content, etc. To bring with you:

  • Lunch
  • Website Content/wording, images/photos
  • Artwork, logos.
  • Optional: digital camera, samples of your work, laptop.


Normally £199. Special offer during March: £145.
Prices exclude vat and accommodation.

Dates: 16th March 2011,18th March 2011, 23rd March 2011, 25th March 2011

To book:

Other conditions

  • The workshop helps you complete an entry level website. This may consist of several pages, ability to create a knowledge base, blog, menus, and contact page.
  • Bluesoft reserves the right to cancel workshops and in these circumstances would offer delegates an alternative date or their money back.
  • The workshop is based on OpenSource software. This is important for you as it means that you will own the website. Unlike when you commission a web company to produce the website and subsequently find out that you do not own it. Read more about OpenSource.
  • Hosting can be purchased from Bluesoft @£10/month and the website published to a Bluesoft subdomain. Alternatively the website can be published to any ISP you have chosen, provided they have the appropriate opensource infrastructure.
  • Domain name/s: if you have not yet purchased domain names and wish to do so, these can be purchased from Bluesoft during the workshop and the website published to this domain name. Alternatively you can select and purchase domain names from any other supplier and subsequently use them for the website.
  • Logos and artwork: if you do not have these yet, you can commission those after the course using your own graphics designer, or commission Bluesoft to do these. Ideally, you should have these before the workshop, but if not, place holders can be left for these.
  • If you do not complete the website build and launch during the workshop, you can request a quote from Bluesoft to complete it.
  • Subsequent to the workshop, if you require an overhaul of the artwork, and colours, we can commission this. No additional work will be carried out, prior to agreeing the price and scope.

About Bluesoft
Bluesoft is an award-winning, independent consultancy specialising in websites and databases.
Our track record includes an extensive range of websites such as ecommerce sites, complex websites, integration with accounting, intranet applications etc.
We have the consultancy and training skills to deliver solutions to the most complex of information management systems.
High professional standards are maintained and our team of consultants use best practices to help you achieve your vision.
Our customers tell us:
“It’s the best course I’ve been on.”
“Everyone we've shown likes the website.”
“You turned the site around so fast, were very customer focused, and produced a brilliant web site.”