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Knowledge and experience

Bluesoft is well equipped to code and implement large GUI, Client/Server and Internet systems. Our extensive knowledge and experience of both 3GL and 4GL development tools combined with our specialist knowledge of communications, databases, operating system API's, debugging and testing techniques means that we are more than capable of coding and implementing from the smallest to large projects.

Building a System that works

Building a system requires discipline as well as skill.Adherence to recommended standards combined with well documented procedures makes the eventual handover and ongoing maintenance of the system a straight forward process.

Our ability to combine the use of 4GL development tools with 3GL languages means that we can produce highly efficient systems in a relatively short time span.

Working Hand in Hand

Our approach to system build is totally flexible.

We have the resources to carry out the project entirely with our own consultants and associates or we can involve your staff.

The joint approach allows a greater skills transfer from our consultants to your staff. It also ensures that at the end of the project your people have a thorough and deep understanding of how the system has been built and how to maintain it after implementation.