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Bluesoft Bespoke Software

The Bluesoft team has experience in many of the major technologies used to create bespoke IT solutions. From databases such as Access, SQLServer and Oracle, to languages such as Visual Basic, to web technologies such as HTML, ASP, VBScript and JavaScript, and .NET. We also have the business experience needed to understand exactly what you want to achieve.

We prioritise speed of development, ease of use, and expandability. We can produce systems for standalone PCs, for office networks, or for the Internet.

Bespoke software does not need to be expensive. Modern computer software, such as Microsoft Office, have large code libraries that bespoke software can access and use - reducing development time and cost.

Software written especially for your business process can result in reduced lead times, greater efficiency, and more satisfied customers. From controlling chemical reactions to automatically responding to sales enquiries, there is no limit on what bespoke software can do.

It seems that all IT roads lead to the Internet. A growing number of websites blur the boundary between content and software. For example Lastminute.com uses specially written computer software to provide its site's complex functions. The potential for web based software is endless: effortlessly share documents with contacts and clients online; make your company database available from anywhere; provide subscription based services.

Based in the UK, our consultants have carried out work internationally for clients in countries ranging from Germany and USA through to New Zealand.

If you think that bespoke software would benefit your business, please call us. or email bespoke@bluesoft.co.uk.

In Brief

Bluesoft has experience designing and building bespoke software solutions.

We are skilled in today's major software technologies, including Visual Basic, HTML, ASP, VBScript and JavaScript, and .NET.

We produce usable, expandable systems quickly. Systems can be for the Internet, your intranet, your office network or standalone PCs.

Features of modern software packages, such as Microsoft Office's COM, lowers the cost and development time of bespoke solutions.

Combining bespoke software with web technology opens new possibilities for internal communication and customer service, as well as for completely new business opportunities.

To find out more, contact Bluesoft or explore some of the sites that we have produced.